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Guest Post: Buying a Safe

Selection Criteria in Buying a Safe

Your collection of jewellery, old snapshots and legal documents – all these treasures are almost irreplaceable.  Without a doubt, you are eager to look for ways to protect such valuable items from destruction and theft. Perhaps your first instinct is to go to a bank and place items in their safe deposit boxes.  After all, it is widely known to provide rock-solid protection.

On the other hand, you might want to consider buying a home safe instead. And though it might not be the ideal place to store your prized possessions, it can be an excellent means to safeguard your belongings against natural calamities and bank robberies, especially if you prefer protecting your valuables close at hand.

Before you head off to a professional safe retailer, here are three factors you need to consider:

  • Style and Size


Ask yourself what size and style you prefer the most since safes come in different sizes and shapes. If you prefer organising rather than protecting your possessions, a lightweight plastic available in most department stores will suffice.

On the other hand, if you want to protect your valuables against theft, you’ll need a heavier and bigger safe. Safes that are widely used by many usually weigh about 85 pounds and measure around 17 inches on all sides.

In general, a hefty safe implies that it has more steel in it and therefore more difficult to break. However, most experts would not only rely to its weight. They would also recommend you to bolt it to the floor as reinforcement.  Steer clear of cheap safes that don’t include the bolt-down feature. This is your very precious belongings we are talking about.

If you want a more sophisticated style, you can also opt for wall or floor safes. You can stash it behind a painting or below the ground. However, such style should be properly planned out before building your house. Otherwise, you might need to seek help from a contractor to do the installation – which can be quite pricey.

  • Type of Protection You Need


Not all safes are crafted equal. It goes without saying that not all safes are engineered to protect valuables both against fire and water. Since each safe has specific features, it’s best to ask the salesperson what safes are heat and smoke resistant. There are safes that can withstand against fire for about two hours. To guard against water damage, on the other hand, check the label and see to it that it clearly states the duration a safe can endure being submerged in water.

  • Type of Lock Available


Usually, safes have dial combinations together with a set code. If you feel like changing the code, you can call a professional locksmith to reset it. You can also set the code on your own. In the event you forget the code, you can contact the safe manufacturer with the safe’s serial number. Meanwhile, key locks might be difficult to find since they should be long enough for the safes’ thick doors.

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