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Want to save some money?

This past week I saved some serious money, both by vendors that I have been using myself and recommending to others for years.  I wanted to pass along my comments only because I know you will save some serious money when it comes to business supply needs of yours.  And, you don’t need a business to save with these two because personally too you need toner and you need to write checks.

First on Ink and toner.  I saved over $50 dollars recently when I made a purchase from – I received the product, undamaged and timely and can’t speak enough about the quality.

Sometimes you get what you pay for, but sometimes you get quality at a discounted price and that’s the case here.  Click on the box below to grab your savings!

Next is checks.  I have used Carousel Checks for years for my home-based businesses, my personal checks and recommended them to my clients for their check needs.  Don’t ever go to your bank and order checks!  These are high-quality checks and considerably less than even other on-line check printing companies.  I only wish I had found them sooner!

Click on the ads above, or also visit my page Business Partners for these and other money-saving business partners.

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Guest Post: Buying a Safe

Selection Criteria in Buying a Safe Your collection of jewellery, old snapshots and legal documents – all these treasures are almost irreplaceable.  Without a doubt, you are eager to look for ways to protect such valuable items from destruction and theft. Perhaps your first instinct is to go [...]

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Get Organized!

One of the most frustrating aspects of working with small business owners is trying to relay the importance of keeping receipts. To me it’s a simple and important aspect of being in business. But that’s me, I’m also a very organized detailed person, hence the field of accounting su[...]

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7 Mistakes made when waiting to file your taxes at the last minute

I came across a great article today and thought I would share it with you as it is most timely.  This is from a blog called The Daily Finance. With our tax deadline coming in just a few short days, while some of us are waiting till the last minute to write a check, others […][...]

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Tis that time of year! #TaxTime

Hopefully everyone has finished gathering all their business information, receipts, invoices and documentation necessary for themselves, or someone else, to do their 2013 taxes.  April 15th is right around the corner!  Even I have been guilty of waiting till the last minute for my own businesses[...]

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Guest Post: Planning Tips!

Money Management and Smart Financial Planning Tips Why wait for the perfect moment when you can make the moment perfect? Just like anything else, there’s no such thing as the perfect time – the perfect time to get married, buy a car, purchase your dream house and so on. The perfect time doesn’[...]

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Happy 2014 Business Owners!

Happy New Year everyone!  The holidays are over and the year-end work is just beginning!  If you are organized throughout the year, this will not be too terrible of a task, however, it’s been my experience that if you own your own small business this time of year can be a huge pain!  Why[...]