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Get Organized!

One of the most frustrating aspects of working with small business owners is trying to relay the importance of keeping receipts. To me it’s a simple and important aspect of being in business. But that’s me, I’m also a very organized detailed person, hence the field of accounting suiting me so well. This is not the case for the typical small business owner however. They are more of the creative minded individual that allows such trivial things as keeping track of receipts and expenses for someone else to worry about.

I have come across a solution for this issue and frankly it’s the answer to a problem, especially when a business is being audited. It’s the NeatDesk desktop (or mobile) scanner! There is applications for both PC and for MAC.

Let me be clear however, by using a device like this does not eliminate the fact that source documents (receipts or any other business related paperwork) does not have to be kept. This is a way to organize your receipts, and if the paperwork is lost, destroyed etc, a great way to show some sort of proof when needed.

There is another way to use this scanner besides the organizing of documents aspect of a Neat scanner.  It’s a great way to scan documents, save them and then forward to someone that needs them.  Example:  ME!  I can have my clients scan say a month’s worth of documents to me, receipts, invoices, check registers, everything that I need on a regular basis.  I can then save the info and reference it when it’s time for me to work on their books, how awesome is that?

On a side note, did you know that during an audit if you have only credit card statements and not the actual receipts that the IRS or state government department may NOT allow the deduction! It’s true, believe me.

Back to the topic at hand – the NeatDesk scanner.  There are a few different types, desktop, mobile etc to choose from.  Scanners have come a long way since they were introduced not too long ago.  You don’t even have to be connected to a computer any more with cloud storage that’s available.  I’ve actually have a lunch meeting today where I am going to suggest to the business owner that I am meeting with to purchase one (he needs it bad).  If you have a few minutes, check it out!  Simply click on the link here:  Neat Connect Cloud Scanner


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