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Guest Post: Business Tips from 4 Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

Business Tips From 4 Highly Successful Entrepreneurs A new business is rich on various challenges.  At an early stage, when you are working on your first startup, it is important to have a mentor in this field. However, if you

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Guest Post: Making Sure the Numbers Match: The Importance of Clean Finances

Making Sure the Numbers Match: The Importance of Clean Finances Calculating and tracking finances can be a tiresome task, but nevertheless, it’s quite crucial for the future of your business. You might think that, since everything is going digital now,

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Guest Post: How to pick the right ERP for your business

    Getting married is a bit like choosing an ERP system. You get married because you want to spend the rest of your life with your partner. You don’t just get married to anybody though because marriage is a

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Guest Post: 3 Easy Steps on How to Compose a Payment Reminder Letter

Reminding a client to pay an outstanding balance doesn’t have to be hard. Here are some tips on how to write an effective and professional payment reminder letter. Running a business requires having a firm hand to make tough calls.

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Start Up Costs ~ to Capitalize or Expense

Business Checks

Obviously when you launch a business there are many expenses that one will incur.  Depending on the expense, and amount thereof, you may have to capitalize those Start Up Costs and then spread the actual cost over a number of

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Top Ten Bookkeeping Mistakes

While having lunch with a prospective client recently they asked me this question:  “What are the top 5 things that if I do my own books instead of hiring you (or any bookkeeper) would I be possibly doing wrong?”  A great

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Happy 2015

Neat Scanners

Hey happy 2015!  How did your 2014 go?  Start up a new business? Many of us did!  With the economy getting a little better last year saw an increase in the number of start-up businesses. Did you make any New

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Get Organized!

One of the most frustrating aspects of working with small business owners is trying to relay the importance of keeping receipts. To me it’s a simple and important aspect of being in business. But that’s me, I’m also a very

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Tis that time of year! #TaxTime

Hopefully everyone has finished gathering all their business information, receipts, invoices and documentation necessary for themselves, or someone else, to do their 2013 taxes.  April 15th is right around the corner!  Even I have been guilty of waiting till the last minute

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