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Guest Post: 3 Easy Steps on How to Compose a Payment Reminder Letter

Reminding a client to pay an outstanding balance doesn’t have to be hard. Here are some tips on how to write an effective and professional payment reminder letter. Running a business requires having a firm hand to make tough calls.

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Guest Post: What is Sales Force Automation?

What is Sales Force Automation? In the latest edition of our Growing Business Guide for small & midsize businesses, we look at Sales Force Automation and what it can do for your sales team. Sales has changed dramatically since everybody

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Guest Post: Expanding your business globally

Expanding one’s business globally used to be something only large enterprises can do. However, technological advances have enabled smaller businesses to grow globally with the help of outsourcing companies. Outsourcing has enabled people to work from anywhere and with anyone

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Top Ten Bookkeeping Mistakes


While having lunch with a prospective client recently they asked me this question:  “What are the top 5 things that if I do my own books instead of hiring you (or any bookkeeper) would I be possibly doing wrong?”  A great

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Guest Post: Outsourcing Benefits for Small Business

Outsourcing benefits for small business (00000002)

Outsourcing Benefits for Small Business Image credit: Freepik Trying to be proficient in too many areas can be devastating both for individuals and for companies. This life fact is part of harsh reality small businesses face every day. Opposed to

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Guest Post: Stock market trading from home

Bookkeeper's Blog

Trading on the stock market from home With the technology advancing so fast nowadays we are able to do a lot of different jobs from our home. Set up everything, make yourself comfortable and work. Technology is so advanced that

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How to start saving $ ~ An easy way!

Save with Digit

One of my 2015 resolutions I made this year was to reduce my credit card debt and start saving money.  While cutting down on debt is saving money (by not paying some bank interest when you could be paying yourself),

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Save $ with Ring Central

Internet Fax

I just renewed my subscription for my internet based Toll-Free fax service that I receive through Ring Central and thought I would share my thoughts quickly on their service.  With the use of cell phones being used for small/micro businesses, land lines

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Happy 2015

Neat Scanners

Hey happy 2015!  How did your 2014 go?  Start up a new business? Many of us did!  With the economy getting a little better last year saw an increase in the number of start-up businesses. Did you make any New

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How to promote a new business

It all starts with a great idea.  We all have them, some ideas are certainly better than others but you just don’t know how good your idea is until you try to validate it.  As the saying goes, “throw it

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