Guest Post: 7 Fears that hamper you from starting your own business

7 Fears that hamper you from starting your own business

The results of the poll showed that 80% of people would like to start their own business, but never tried to do that because of fear. Half of the surveyed participants still want to try their hand in business in the future. And 30% of respondents are confident that their ideas will not work out, so do not even start.

If fear and uncertainty – are not about you, my congratulations to you! Close this article and go do something else. Today we talk with those who are afraid to start a business. And try to understand how their fears are justified.

So, think and answer yourself the question: why am I afraid?

No need to be Nostradamus or Vanga, to read the thought of the first 90% of the “afraid”:


  1. “What if I do not get it?”

To promise you immediate success is a stupidity. It would be foolish and dishonest. That is why here we give an insight into the types of diverse fears and the way to overcome them!

But think…does it happen too often in this life when you have strong guarantee doing smth? Yes, you probably have a job where you get paid consistently. But which one of you has the guarantee that tomorrow you will not lose the job? The reasons may be different: younger and more advanced competitors wishing to take your job; a general unstable situation in the country; your health which may fail at any time, etc. There are no guarantees anywhere!

And all in all, this world somehow exists. People risk – and fail, then risk – and are successful. Nobody can promise that you’ll get it, even if you try. But one thing we guarantee you 100% that if you do not try — nothing will happen.

Anyway, lots of famous people made their way through the thorns to the stars. There were also failures, and loss of money, but that’s how the world works. You need to sacrifice something to get what you want. Everything could be scary. But that is no reason not to act.


  1. ”And where I’ll take the money to start?”

Statistics show that 56% of people are afraid that they won’t find start-up capital and 41% are afraid of losing it.

There is always money in the world! The question is whose is this money? Not yours? Then you need to use somebody’s money!

Nobody is forcing you to sell your property or take the last sum from your family to start your own business. Thousands and tens of thousands of people start their business with minimal investment. And to find a small investment for your business — is not a big problem, if you have the desire.

There is no money to start? Work inside the country. Help suppliers to find retail customers. Get your service fee without investing in the purchase. When you will the money – will already know the demand. Order in China in bulk at lower prices as well.

As far as the fear of losing your investments is concerned … You know, better be afraid to stay where you are. Fear not to try your hand at this life. Start low, go slow…


  1. “And what if I do not have entrepreneurial skills?”

Masters of kung fu, as we know, are not born like masters, they become them later. So, masters of business have the same thing. Abilities and talents without the ability to apply them in practice are nothing. And even if you’re not one of those who know how to sell snow in winter, practice because it makes perfect.

For example, lots of students who buy college papers online, later have business of their own by doing freelance job and organizing their own websites to serve customers.

The same disappointing statistics show that 33% of people are afraid that they do not have an entrepreneurial spirit. But if you have not worked in the field of trade, it does not mean that you can never sell. All we sell. In fact, we sell every day. Our abilities, skills, knowledge, experience, appearance. Think about it, because everywhere we evaluate things and purchase them.

Everybody needs the ability to sell, even a poet! If he does not sell his works, then his works will be only for himself. Nobody in this world can make money without selling anything. So do not cry the blues, saying you are not aware of how to do it. You just do not know your abilities and hidden talents!


  1. “But I do not have any useful bonds for business!”

Show us a man who started his business with a bunch of “right” friends. Let us tell you a secret: the most “useful” bonds are formed when you begin to act.

In this age of social networking is inappropriate to complain about the lack of connections. You can find the right person or just like-minded people in the different groups, publics, and communities in social networks.


  1. “And what if I do not have the necessary experience and knowledge?”

29% of people are afraid to start a business due to lack of experience. We are curious, how do you dare to come into this world? You’re not up to it without the life experience.

Practice shows that not the smartest rule this world :), but the most persistent and aspiring! A lot of people before their small business were not even registered in any of the social networks but their strong wish helped them to create profitable websites and sell goods around the world.

There is no such information and data that we cannot find with the help of effort and time. Seriously, in this age of almost almighty Google to remain ignorant and unenlightened is a conscious choice. If there is something you do not know the reason is only one – you do not want to know that!


  1. “And if I’m afraid of change? I need stability “

You will find stability only in the swamp! If you need no movement and change then what are you looking for? Stability should be only one – stability in growth. Everything else is called congestion.

At first, do not expect your business to be stable and permanent. Get over the idea that at first, you may be floating…back and forth.

The rejection of the usual situation – is a certain sacrifice, which you have to make if you want to open a business. But nobody has reached success without rising to a risk!


  1. ”I am afraid that I will lose time in vain”

You lose your time in vain only when you devote it to fear and anxiety. And every minute spent in an attempt to change your life for the better (even if this attempt is unsuccessful) – is a valuable investment and experience that you will get only with the method of trial and error.

In conclusion…

Remember the adage: “If you are afraid of the wolves don’t go into the woods?”. Well, fear is inherent and common but some still agree to dare and go into the woods!

 Go ahead and never give up!

Sandra J. Hayward is a Miami Dade college MBA graduate that is interested in academic research and writing but does not want to depend on the rigorous schedule. That is why she has been collaborating with writing services for a long time as a freelance writer and enjoys her flextime a lot.