How to save money on checks!

Don’t throw money away when you open a business (or personal) checking account!  Learn how to save money on checks.

Save money on checks

 Read on to find out How to save money on checks!

You don’t have to buy checks from the bank! Typically, when you open up a new checking account, the bank automatically orders checks from you.  While it’s a nice service they do for you, they are really not doing you any favors!  This post is not about cost centers, but this is a great example of one.  A business bringing in revenue from non traditional revenue streams.

Save money on checks!

Regardless if you are opening up a new business or personal checking account, or need to order additional checks for an existing checking account please don’t go through your bank.  Don’t use the big check printing companies out there.  Not to mention any names, but I think you could probably guess who they are with a simple check printing search.

I once opened up a checking account and the bank automatically ordered checks for me.  I was outraged at the cost and demanded a full refund.  How could a small business, just starting up, spend $400 for checks, check cover and deposit slips?  There is enough to think about when Starting Up a Business, this expense is not one of them.

I’ve been using Carousel Checks for both my personal checking accounts as well as for my three home-based businesses.  I also tell every one of my bookkeeping customers to use this firm as well, and they do!  You can easily save 50% (much more in some cases) over what you would pay if your order through your bank.  If your write out checks manually, or have an inexpensive piece of software like QuickBooks, these checks work great.

Carousel not only does check printing, but of course deposit slips and much more.  If you need any “For Deposit Only” stamps, or even return address stamps, or checkbook covers, they are the place to go.  I can honestly say that I’ve been using Carousel for over a decade now and have never been disappointed in either their pricing, or the quality of the items that I ordered.  Click on the graphic below to check out their prices yourself!

Order today!

If you have any questions on checking accounts, opening up a checking account, or what to order, I will be happy to help you!  Order what you need, in reasonable quantities and this task will be as easy as it gets.

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