Business Partners

Business Partners that I use on a regular basis and highly endorse:

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Great Quality at a Great Price – Check Printing!

With the various day jobs and my bookkeeping clients I have or had over the years, I found that Carousel Checks are the best value in check printing.  I use them for my own business and can highly recommend them.  Personal checks are by far much less expensive than going to your bank or other online websites.  I also use their business checks, both  computer based lazer checks and 3-to-a-page manual checks.  They also do a great job with stamps and deposit slips.  Check them out!
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Do you have a Newsletter or are interested in e-mail marketing?

I have used Constant Contact for years, they are simply the best product available with a number of business tools at your disposal. I have used MailChimp in the past, but they do have a limit of 2000 subscribers for their free product. Once you reach that limit, you may want to move onto Constant Contact.


Domains/Hosting/E-Mail from GoDaddy!

I have also used GoDaddy for years.  Bought my very first domain from them almost a decade ago!  I have a great deal of respect for Bob Parsons as business pioneer in this industry.  I have purchased dozens of domains, use their hosting (including this site here), use their E-mail services for my company and a number of my clients, used their website templates making a not so creative guy like me produce a pretty snazzy website or two.  For the buck you are getting top quality products and great customer service.  Click below to check them out!
Get Noticed with a $7.99 .COM or .CO!

Shopping around for a good deal on Office Supplies?

Check out OfficeSupply.Com your online source for supplies shipped right to your door!

A perfect way to keep your desk organized, as well as track receipts, business cards and anything else to be used in the future or for record keeping purposes:

 Neat Integrates with QuickBooks 250x250