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Guest Post: Top Business Tips for Starting a Small Business

  Are you starting your small enterprise for the first time ever? Are you worried that it is not going to work? We understand your worries, but you have to relax and enjoy your excitement. This article is going to

Guest Post: 21st Century Business

21st Century Business – Humanizing Wins One of the biggest trends among 21st century consumers is the need for personal connections with the brands they choose to do business with. This has been the direct result of the rise of

How to save money on checks!

Business Checks

Don’t throw money away when you open a business (or personal) checking account!  Learn how to save money on checks.  Read on to find out How to save money on checks! You don’t have to buy checks from the bank!

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Guest Post: 7 Fears that hamper you from starting your own business

7 Fears that hamper you from starting your own business The results of the poll showed that 80% of people would like to start their own business, but never tried to do that because of fear. Half of the surveyed

Guest Post: What is Sales Force Automation?

What is Sales Force Automation? In the latest edition of our Growing Business Guide for small & midsize businesses, we look at Sales Force Automation and what it can do for your sales team. Sales has changed dramatically since everybody

Start Up Costs ~ to Capitalize or Expense

Business Checks

Obviously when you launch a business there are many expenses that one will incur.  Depending on the expense, and amount thereof, you may have to capitalize those Start Up Costs and then spread the actual cost over a number of

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Top Ten Bookkeeping Mistakes

While having lunch with a prospective client recently they asked me this question:  “What are the top 5 things that if I do my own books instead of hiring you (or any bookkeeper) would I be possibly doing wrong?”  A great

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Guest Post: Outsourcing Benefits for Small Business

Outsourcing Benefits for Small Business Image credit: Freepik Trying to be proficient in too many areas can be devastating both for individuals and for companies. This life fact is part of harsh reality small businesses face every day. Opposed to

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Save $ with Ring Central

Internet Fax

I just renewed my subscription for my internet based Toll-Free fax service that I receive through Ring Central and thought I would share my thoughts quickly on their service.  With the use of cell phones being used for small/micro businesses, land lines

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