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How to promote a new business

It all starts with a great idea.  We all have them, some ideas are certainly better than others but you just don’t know how good your idea is until you try to validate it.  As the saying goes, “throw it

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Want to save some money?

This past week I saved some serious money, both by vendors that I have been using myself and recommending to others for years.  I wanted to pass along my comments only because I know you will save some serious money

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Guest Post: Planning Tips!

Money Management and Smart Financial Planning Tips Why wait for the perfect moment when you can make the moment perfect? Just like anything else, there’s no such thing as the perfect time – the perfect time to get married, buy

What’s your interest?

Greetings everyone! I hope you are enjoying your evening! I have a simple request of you tonight.  I was interested in finding out exactly what it is that you would like me to blog about in the future?  I’ve been

Cold Coffee

Have you ever poured yourself a cup of coffee, set it down next to your computer and proceed to work on the task at hand only to find that your coffee was already cold when you went for the first

Guest Post: Check Fraud

The Best Ways to Stop Check Fraud   Check fraud can affect everyone, no matter how careful and diligent. Both companies and individuals can become the victims of such schemes. There are several precautionary measures that can be undertaken to

SCAM Alerts

Have you received any emails lately about your federal or state tax return being rejected?  Or, attached to an email is your invoice for your payroll?  Seems like harmless emails, right?  Problem is you have not filed your taxes yet,

You “Gotta” Have Goals

  A woman from Louisville KY once told me – “You Gotta Have Goals”, shortly thereafter I was laid-off from that job.  I was one of her goals that week,  get rid of that Finance Director and move his department

Regardless who wins the election – we will all be paying more in taxes in 2013

Here is a great article a co-worker sent to me that I found most interesting and does a great job of explaining why regardless of who wins the upcoming election, we will all be paying more. This is just one