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Happy 2015

Neat Scanners

Hey happy 2015!  How did your 2014 go?  Start up a new business? Many of us did!  With the economy getting a little better last year saw an increase in the number of start-up businesses. Did you make any New

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Get Organized!

One of the most frustrating aspects of working with small business owners is trying to relay the importance of keeping receipts. To me it’s a simple and important aspect of being in business. But that’s me, I’m also a very

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7 Mistakes made when waiting to file your taxes at the last minute

I came across a great article today and thought I would share it with you as it is most timely.  This is from a blog called The Daily Finance. With our tax deadline coming in just a few short days,

Happy 2014 Business Owners!

Happy New Year everyone!  The holidays are over and the year-end work is just beginning!  If you are organized throughout the year, this will not be too terrible of a task, however, it’s been my experience that if you own your

Sales and Use Tax

Have questions on Sales or Use taxes?  Who doesn’t?  Even in working with sales taxes since 1977, (Yes, the year Elvis died), I still have questions from time to time.  I have come across a site that has a huge

Guest Post: Top Accounting Firms to Watch in 2013

Top Accounting Firms to Watch in 2013   Accounting is more than just keeping track of purchases and balancing a checkbook. For example, remitting tax, owning an account in the bank, handling finances- either personal or business, all require accounting

SCAM Alerts

Have you received any emails lately about your federal or state tax return being rejected?  Or, attached to an email is your invoice for your payroll?  Seems like harmless emails, right?  Problem is you have not filed your taxes yet,

Regardless who wins the election – we will all be paying more in taxes in 2013

Here is a great article a co-worker sent to me that I found most interesting and does a great job of explaining why regardless of who wins the upcoming election, we will all be paying more. This is just one